About An Bui

An Bui works with global brands, venture-backed startups, and small/medium businesses to help them develop actionable plans for building their internal and customer communities. An has led the implementation and execution of online brand and reputation management campaigns for Fortune and Global 500 companies and takes a metric-driven approach to social media marketing. 


Before her graduate work at The University of Pennsylvania and Tulane University, An graduated from Swarthmore College with Honors and a BA in Sociology /Anthropology. 

Previously, An had served as a summer clerk for the Federal Judiciary in the Eastern District of Louisiana and at Access to Justice Institute at Seattle University School of Law. She currently serves as an advisor to Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) and Global Greengrants Fund. She also works with companies including Seattle-based DocuSign and Divvy.

She loves how technology connects people, brands, and real world experiences. An often speaks about social media, digital identity and online community at (un)conferences such as Social Media Camp, InfoCamp, and Learn About Web. She blogs her personal thoughts on social media and business at here and can be found on Twitter: @AnWith1n.


1 comment so far

  1. Kristofer Mencák on

    Hi An,

    You commented on one of my comments on The Viral Garden, and I promised to let you know about the blog post. So, here it is: http://tinyurl.com/6dqvde

    There is a follow up, taking a broader perspective, coming very soon. =)

    Also, I notice I have to read your blog! =)

    All the best,


    (Feel free to delete this once you have read it – I couldn’t find your e-mail address)

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